PREVIOUS EXHIBITIONS - Boris Duhm: Emotional Disasters and Masquerades

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Boris Duhm
Emotional Disasters and Masquerades

Vernissage: 13th December 2012  8p.m. - 10p.m.

Godot Gallery1114 Budapest, Bartók Béla út 11-13.

The exhibition is open from 14th December 2012 until 19th January 2013 at the opening hours: from Tuesdays to Fridays from 9 a.m. until 2 p. m., on Saturdays from 10 a. m. until 1- p. m.  We are on X-mas holiday from 22nd December until 1st January.

Artist Statement:
„A good photograph needs a reason and has to make sense.“ –  The eclectic oeuvre by Berlin based artist Boris Duhm which consists in painting, drawing, performance and his main medium photography, is characterized particularly by this motto of the artist.

In his photographs, Duhm speaks about his privat experience from a very personal point of view. By photo-stagings the artist creates leeway in actions in which the relation between the represented and the photographer is put into focus.
The photograph as the artist´s remaining attitude, gives the contemplator access to a world, which lives on an artist-model relationship. Nevertheless, the viewer has to put up with uncomfortable questions in the artist´s photographs, which can reveal a lot to the viewer about himself, about the society we live in and about the way we treat each other as human beings.



By every single image in the context of the entire exhibition „Emotional Disasters and Masquerades“ it becomes clear to the viewer, that a photographic image can be much more than an aesthetic wall decoration.

It is about a power, which, nourished by inwardness, addresses itself to the outside and is full of faith to the world and people who enclose him. In the exhibition „Emotional Disasters and Masquerades“ the artist succeeds to glance clearly at a world, which dangles on a string of faith and rupturing faith. By his knowledge about this, Duhm has developed a humor and a sensibility for details, which lead us there the artists wants it:
Not to perceive the photograph as an end in itself but to discover a deeper dimension beyond the frames of the images: Love is possible! Be it love to nature or to other human beings.

„The „ La Chambre Claire“ ( by Roland Barthes) of photography is inside each of us“, says Boris Duhm. The artist tries to visualize it as an light, internal chamber.



All photographs in this exhibition are purely analogue, manual work and came into existence  without help of any computer. The images also want to be an alternative draft to the prevailing and very reasonable suspiciousness towards the digital image and – more generally spoken -  towards our contemporary, digitized communication.

Text by Anja Wenzel (culture journalist). Berlin, November 2012.

About Boris Duhm
Born in 1971, Boris Duhm studied at University of Fine Arts in Hamburg, at the University for Photography and Film in Gothenborg, Sweden and at the University for Fine Arts in Berlin. Boris Duhm lives and works in Berlin and is the organizer and curator of the “Künstler Salon Murid Bosh” ( Artists´ Salon Murid Bosh). He was awarded several grants and prizes during the past years and has taught staged photography at art universities in Hungary, Sweden and Finland.